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    You can put a tag at the end of a sentence to make a question. The verb in the sentence is used to make the tag, the noun becomes a pronoun.

      • You like lasagna, don't you ?
      • Jack doesn't play tennis, does he ?
      • The president is a charming fellow, isn't he ?

    Positive verb, negative question tag - We normally expect YES as an answer.

      • Kuwait produces a lot of oil, doesn't it ?
      • Mary is a great volleyball player, isn't she?
      • My mother goes to dance classes every Saturday, doesn't she ?

    Negative verb, positive question tag - We normally expect NO as an answer.

      • There aren't any volcanoes in that part of the world, are there ?
      • Jimmy hasn't got any money left, has he ?
      • My sister won't go to the meeting, will she ?