This free learning platform gives intermediate students the opportunity to practice English grammar, improve their vocabulary, prepare for tests and work through topics in various subjects.

It is divided into several  parts :

  • Grammar - The grammar section provides a wide range of exercises that intermediate users need to improve language structures.
  • Vocabulary - The vocabulary section offers exercises on word formation, language in use  and general vocabulary practice.
  • Topics - The topics section includes courses for geography, history , biology, and many others.
  • Writing - The writing task section allows users to hand in written work , which will be corrected. 
  • Discussion - Take part in discussion forums on various topics of general interest and exchange view with other learners


There are three demo accounts that you can use to browse around and do the exercises. However, these accounts will not record any of your grades.

User: demo1 - Password: moodle 
User: demo2 - Password: moodle 
User: demo3 - Password: moodle 

Free Account

Because of increased spamming, self-registration is not allowed on this website. Please email me ( with your first name, last name and email address and I will send you your registration details. Although you can move around on this website freely, you need a free account to get access to the gradebook and see how your grades develop over time. 

If you are a teacher and want your group or class to take part, you can also send me an Excel file with first names, last names and email addresses of the students who want to take part.  Accounts will be created and sent to them.

In order to use this website, you must  read our privacy policy here .

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